Create context and provide examples to lower barriers to AI adoption

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Every company needs to think about how to make artificial intelligence (AI) a seamless extension of its team. How often has an employee said, “I wish there were more hours in the day to get all my work done,” or “This is too much work for just one person.”

AI has the potential to lighten our workload and allow us to carry out tasks in a less fragmented way, but developing an AI-friendly company culture is easier said than done.

It’s critical that companies take steps to address the trepidation around AI while also providing concrete examples of its benefits.

In fact, according to a survey conducted by SnapLogic, 39% of respondents said they believed it would be difficult to engage everyone in their organization using AI.

There are some barriers to AI adoption, but mostly due to a lack of context and education on the topic. With these suggestions in mind, companies stand the best chance of integrating AI technologies into their corporate culture with minimal distractions — and big profits.

Demystify AI to support change management

Most humans learn best by metaphors and examples. It can be difficult to describe how AI will impact the workplace because we have so few previous examples. Additionally, some people worry that AI could make their role redundant if it can do their jobs faster or better than they can.

Despite these concerns and the general lack of context, the vast majority of people are optimistic when it comes to AI: In our survey, nearly two-thirds like the idea of ​​using it in their current roles. They believe AI has the potential to save time (54%), increase productivity (46%), and reduce risk and error in their work (37%).

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