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After George Floyd, corporate America rushed to embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) policies that were once limited to liberal college campuses.

However, now that everyone is being squeezed by the Biden economy and inflation, there isn’t a lot of extra money circulating in these companies.

When it comes to the bottom line, DEI policies are just unnecessary spending.

Washington Free Beacon report:

DEI Official ‘Questioned His Career Path’ as ​​Demand Drops: Report

Corporate officials focused on promoting diversity, equity and inclusion are feeling “left out” as demand for their roles slumps, a Wall Street Journal report said Friday.

Demand for filling DEI roles hit a new low. Jason Hanold, chief executive of the Hanold Associates Executive Search, told the Journal search for chief diversity officer fell 75 percent in the last year, hitting the lowest level he had seen in his 30-year hiring career. Diversity officers were particularly vulnerable during the tech boom last fall, facing 40 percent higher turnover than human resources positions.

DEI officials have faced more recent scrutiny after a Supreme Court ruling outlawing the use of race in college admissions. The ruling is expected to have a ripple effect beyond college acceptance, including in the corporate world.

RedState have more on this:

Some of America’s biggest corporations, such as Netflix, Disney — which have more of their own making than diversity, equity, and inclusion — and Warner Bros. Discovery, have announced that their CDO will be leaving the company. Many employees working in CDO-related jobs have been laid off, and recent complaints by employees from their employers who have succumbed to the build-up and mass exaggeration have led to a reduction in DEI commitments.

The recent Supreme Court ruling on affirmative action in college admissions has also caught the attention of many corporate executives. Some CDOs felt like the top brass didn’t want to change recruiting or promotion protocols and were told they were brought in to increase talent. And after many people have called DEI’s practices discriminatory, the rush towards DEI has not become permanent.

If we were still living in a Trump economy this would not be a problem. How’s that for irony?

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