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Chicago Migrants: St. Sabina welcomes a migrant family to Sunday mass

By Stephanie Wade

Monday, 17 July 2023 01:12

St Sabina welcomes migrant families to Sunday mass

CHICAGO (WLS) — A message of unity and oneness is heard through St. Sabina at migrant mass Sunday morning.

Father Michael Pfleger welcomed refugee families from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela and Colombia to Sunday’s holy liturgy. Congregational children and immigrant children stand side by side.

“I know we live in separate cities and separate nations, but this is what glory looks like,” Fr. said Pfleger.

Elizabeth Serrano Gomez arrived in Chicago nine months ago from Michoacán, Mexico, after her husband was killed. She and her four children came to a better life. Gomez said it was a blessing. The people were very welcoming and embraced them with open arms.

“Something we all know that we are one people. People of God, and when we entered the house of Saint Sabina, that table of God’s table was opened for all of us to worship,” said pastor Julie Contreras of United Gives Hope.

As more migrants continue to arrive in Chicago each week, St. Sabina sets a precedent for opening her doors where everyone is welcome.

“The only fault these people have is coming for a better life,” said Contreras.

After the service, migrant families gave gifts to the church and were treated to lunch from the St. sabina.

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