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The state of California adopted a new framework for teaching mathematics that revolves around progressive concepts of equality and social justice.

This kind of thing happens in various parts of education. Essentially, the left is implanting their political agenda on a subject that should have nothing to do with politics.

This is another attempt to use education as a form of indoctrination.

FOX News report:

California approves new math guidelines that encourage ‘teaching towards social justice’

California will officially adopt a new “equality” and “social justice”-based mathematics framework for K-12 schools following a vote by the State Board of Education on Wednesday.

After several revisions and years of development, the board unanimously endorsed the 2023 Mathematics Framework for California Public Schools that seeks to renew “the state’s commitment to ensuring equity and excellence in the learning of mathematics for all students”.

“This framework provides strategies for challenging, engaging, and supporting all students in mathematics learning that is deep and relevant to building on successful approaches used in countries that result in high and equitable mathematics achievement,” said State Council President Linda Darling- Hammond in a statement.

He added, “It also draws on the experience of educators who have worked for a decade to develop successful strategies for teaching California’s strict standards, bringing those lessons to others across the state. This framework provides teachers and schools with a pathway to greater excellence with greater equity.”

The 1,000-page document, which has gone through three revisions and two public hearings, aims to “structure state mathematics standard teaching around a ‘big idea’ that integrates rather than separates mathematical concepts,” “allows students to ‘see for themselves’ in the curriculum. and in math-related careers by making mathematics instruction culturally relevant and empowering” and “instilling confidence in learners by dispelling myths about who can and cannot learn math.”

This is completely unfair to the students.

Student test scores dropped. What is the California State Board of Education’s solution?

Moving forward under their mathematics framework, educators are encouraged to “teach towards social equity” and in a “culturally responsive manner.”https://t.co/BIBYd1NjcK

— Nicki Neily (@nickineily) July 14, 2023

In the name of “social justice” and “equality”, California will make it less likely that black and Hispanic students are good at math. https://t.co/YJFBUavoIY

— Victor Joecks (@VictorJoecks) July 14, 2023

It is upsetting and sad to see what the left has done with public education.

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