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Burmese python world record: A 19-foot python caught in Florida is the longest python ever caught

By ABC7 Chicago Digital Team

Friday, 14 July 2023 19:17

A group of friends catch a 19-foot python, the longest ever recorded: VIDEO

FLORIDA (WLS) — A 19-foot long Burmese python, the longest ever recorded, was caught by a group of friends at South Florida’s Big Cypress National Reserve this week.

But, it’s not that easy. The net wasn’t working, so they had to change their technique.

“At first I walked over to it, thinking I could come behind it, and grabbed its head, like a normal grip. But then, the snake just went crazy,” said Jake Waleri. “He tried to wrap me around, tried to choke me. And my friends, luckily he did. And you know, we got this thing safely.”

The 19-foot python is now at the Southwest Florida Conservancy where researchers are running several tests to learn more about the snake. Waleri said he killed the snake before bringing it there.

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