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The Biden administration kept Julie Su, a left-wing labor activist, as labor secretary despite the fact that she had not been approved or confirmed by the Senate.

Not surprising for this White House. They just do whatever they want and the media doesn’t question them about it.

Of course, if Trump did this, it would be portrayed as an attack on democracy.

NBC News report:

Biden kept Julie Su indefinitely as head of the Labor Party despite a lack of Senate votes

The White House plans to use a little-known bill to keep acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su in the job even if she fails to win Senate approval, a White House official told NBC News.

“After Secretary Walsh’s departure, Acting Secretary Su automatically became Acting Secretary under its organic laws, not under the Federal Vacuum Reform Act,” White House officials said in an email, referring to Marty Walsh, who resigned in March. “As a result, Su is not subject to the Federal Vacuum Reform Act’s deadline and he can serve as Acting Secretary indefinitely.”

Last week, NBC News reported that a law dating back to 1946 allows the undersecretary of labor, whom Su confirmed by the Senate in 2021, to “perform Secretary duties until a successor is appointed.”

But Su’s candidacy for labor secretary has since stalled in the Senate, where Democrats control 51 votes and expect a unified Republican opposition.

Washington Free Beacon add this:

Su oversaw the California Department of Employment Development before joining the Biden administration, and his record is causing consternation in Congress. He froze checks on unemployment claims and failed to stop payments to suspicious accounts, resulting in an estimated $31 billion in fraudulent payments. The state’s unemployment insurance fund is now running a deficit of nearly $20 billion.

Does anyone wonder why this guy couldn’t get approved by the Senate?


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