Bank of England Apologizes to Nigel Farage After Closing Accounts for Holding “Thatcherite Faith” After UK Treasury Gets Involved – While US Treasury Firms Continue to Shut Conservative Accounts | Gatekeeper

UK BREXIT leader Nigel Farage announced on Friday that British banks had closed his accounts. And they do this without explanation.

Apparently, the left-communists in Britain were just as fierce as their American counterparts!

The establishment tried to force me out of the UK by closing my bank account.

I was given no explanation or recourse as to why this was happening to me.

This is serious political persecution at the very highest levels of our system.

If they can do it for me, they… pic.twitter.com/O4xQ1h79ub

— Nigel Farage (@Nigel_Farage) June 29, 2023

On Thursday Bank of England NatWest apologized to Nigel Farage after a bank report was released which found he was not “inclusive enough” and held “Thatcherite beliefs” and his political positions were the reason he closed his account.

NatWest is worried after the UK Treasury got involved and spoke out about unfair banking practices based on a person’s political beliefs. The Treasury announced that UK banks will be subject to “stricter rules” on closing customer accounts, in a bid to protect free speech in the country – Daily Mail.

Daily Mail reported:

NatWest bosses apologized to Nigel Farage this evening for “grossly inappropriate” internal reports alleging he was not “inclusive” enough to become a Coutts customer.

In a letter to the former Ukip leader, Dame Alison Rose stressed Farage’s assessment “does not reflect the views of the bank”.

He stressed that ‘freedom of expression’ and access to banking were vital to society, saying he had ordered a review of Coutts’ proceedings. However, he stopped short of offering to restore Mr Farage’s relationship with the exclusive private bank, instead repeating the offer of an account with NatWest.

The letter comes as the Treasury announced that UK banks would be subject to tougher rules on closing customer accounts, in a bid to protect free speech.

Dame Alison has been urged to ‘take responsibility’ after the Brexiteer dug up classified files of a NatWest subsidiary which accused her of promoting ‘xenophobic, chauvinistic and racist views’ and listed her ‘Thatcherite beliefs’.

Unfortunately, conservatives in America are still deprived of banking privileges despite our First Amendment protections.

Without Warning Gateway Pundit Banned from Paypal

Gateway Pundits are also banned from PayPal without warning because of our conservative values.

Without Warning Gateway Pundit Banned from Paypal

Unfortunately, we don’t have a government willing to protect the rights of conservatives in America right now.

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