Aston Martin Valor, V12 celebration

To celebrate its 110th anniversary, Aston Martin is proud to announce the Valor – a spectacular, ultra-exclusive, V12 manual transmission special edition created to honor a long tradition of superlative front-engined sports cars and delight purists who crave perfection and excellence. immersive driving experience.

Speaking of the thrilling new special edition, Aston Martin Chief Executive Lawrence Stroll said: “Valour is a celebration of Aston Martin’s passion for driving and an extraordinary legacy, but also a symbol of today’s vibrant and revitalized brand. A modern icon that blends classic character with contemporary execution, Valor captures the essence of the exhilaration and exclusivity that defines this storied automotive marque. A showcase for our world-class design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities, the Valor is further proof of Aston Martin’s position as a driver’s champion and maker of the world’s most attractive, exclusive and desirable ultra-luxury high-performance cars.”

Aimed squarely at those who enjoy a truly involved driving experience, Valor’s commitment to era-defining performance and stimulation is second to none. The only front-engined V12 sports car available with a manual transmission, its pure approach is unique in 2023 and a thrilling tribute to a golden era of driving. Motivated by this rich heritage, Valor has been realized using the latest technology, methods and materials. As such, it is a blend of the essential qualities that have defined Aston Martin’s finest front engine models. A glorious throwback and contemporary masterpiece, the Valor is the best of Aston Martin’s past and present and an antidote to cars that seek to isolate the driver from the driving process.

The Valor bloodline is second to none. Inspired by the original V8 Vantage and the outstanding Vantage-based RHAM/1 ‘Muncher’ Le Mans racer from 1980, it offers the unbridled power so characteristic of Aston Martin’s ultimate sports car. Engines like the 1990s twin supercharged V600 Vantage; for a time the most powerful production car in the world. The sleek design and impeccable execution echoes the beautiful One-77 supercar, while its intense driver-centric character links Valor to the one-time Victor.

With production limited to just 110 cars globally, the Valour’s rarity ensures it will be the most collectible of all Aston Martins. Mouthwatering end-of-the-minute specs – which mixes the epic 715PS/753Nm twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V12 engine with a bespoke six-speed manual transmission for the first time – guarantees a truly absorbing experience and secures the Valour’s place in the all-time great driver’s car lineup. period.

Utilizing unique powertrain calibration, the Valor’s incredible power and torque output is unlimited, offering the driver full performance and complete control in every gear. A mechanical limited slip differential enhances the sense of a direct analog connection between car and driver, with the added support and assurance of electronic stability and traction control systems. The Valor Driving Modes – Sport, Sport+ and Track – have also been tuned to offer carefully rated throttle response, torque management and sound character.

Underlining its dynamic credentials, the Valor has received a bespoke suspension, with adaptive dampers, springs and anti-roll bars all honed specifically for the car. The wheel alignment geometry has special camber, castor and toe settings. These characteristics ensure the Valor has a distinct, well-defined ride and handling quality. A road car is first and foremost, meaning it strikes a sporting balance of tight, precise vertical body control and firm resistance to roll while offering obedience to shine on good road driving.

Further honing its unique dynamic character, the Valor’s custom body structure features front and rear sliding panels, rear suspension tower strut struts and fuel tank struts. These elements maximize torsional and lateral rigidity, providing the suspension with an optimized platform for more precise body control and greater refinement. Additionally, the new steering system eliminates unwanted sources of compliance to provide drivers with a greater sense of detail, connection and immediacy.

With standard Carbon Ceramic brakes, the Valor has ample stopping power thanks to a front disc measuring 410mm x 38mm and gripped by 6-piston calipers. At the rear is a 360mm x 32mm disc paired with a 4-piston caliper. Offering increased braking performance and a significant 23kg reduction in un-sprung mass compared to steel brakes, these CCB discs are engineered to withstand brake fade in temperatures up to 800 degrees, enabling drivers to explore the full performance potential of the Valor with utmost confidence and precise control.

Complementing the impressive Valour hardware package is a set of beautiful 21” light alloy ‘Honeycomb’ wheels, which are finished with the latest AML-specific Michelin Pilot Sport S 5 tires – 275/35 R21 front tires and 325/30 R21 tires at the rear – for inspired handling and road holding in wet or dry conditions.

Simon Newton, Aston Martin Director of Vehicle Performance, said: “Inspired by the iconic muscle cars of our past, we have gifted the Valor with an abundance of power and torque while using modern technology and engineering to make that performance even more exploitable and enjoyable. . A big part of honoring our driver-pleasing character is mating our amazing V12 engine with a manual transmission. It was a unique part of the brief and the end result is something truly unforgettable; a sophisticated driving car that thrives on being pushed to its limits and has the true heart and soul of its timeless classic analogue.”

The outstanding performance capabilities and intense riding characteristics are clearly expressed in the Valor’s wide stance and highly developed physique. Made entirely of carbon fiber, the bodywork marries the contemporary Aston Martin design language with instantly recognizable cues from the iconic 1970s V8 Vantage. The results are bold and unmistakable from any angle.

The clamshell bonnet features large ‘horse shoe’ vents and twin NACA ducts to provide ample ventilation for the twin-turbocharged V12 beneath. Aston Martin’s iconic grille shape has evolved to refine both form and function. The centerpiece is defined by aluminum strakes, while large carbon fiber intakes on either side feed the engine and brakes with cool air. They also frame the classically inspired round LED headlamps, unique to the Valor and sitting beneath a dashing, brow-like grille with a menacing effect.

Modern aerodynamic thinking has been effortlessly incorporated into the design, with expert management of airflow optimizing stability while achieving a uniquely assertive design. The prominent front splitter and front fender vents incorporated into the Valor’s wings work in harmony with the rear sail panels featuring a vortex-generating exoblade, and an elegantly upswept Kamm tail and prominent diffuser to achieve aerodynamic balance.

The rear also features a dramatic taillight graphic, with clusters of LED light bars (six on each side) echoing the groundbreaking Valkyrie hypercar. Full-width aluminum accents – milled from a solid billet and polished to a flawless finish – define the back, separating the top and bottom for dramatic effect. Positioned between the elements in the rear diffuser is the essence of the Valor’s excellent rear design; triple tailpipe exhaust system fabricated from lightweight stainless steel. At less than 1mm wall thickness, this particular tube saves 7kg in weight compared to traditional systems, yet emits an incredible heavyweight soundtrack.

The valor celebration of Aston Martin’s legacy continues inside, with a timeless two-seater cockpit with unconventional simplicity and seductive touches. At the heart of this is the manual transmission gear lever. With a choice of machined aluminum, titanium, carbon fiber, or walnut for the gear knob, and an open gearshift mechanism to emphasize the mechanical linkage, Valor is all about delivering the physical and emotional engagement that progress has lost.

Masterful use of materials has long been Aston Martin’s hallmark, so it’s no surprise that the Valor’s interior shines with original and highly effective combinations that allow customers to create their own unique specifications. For example, the traditional woolen wool inspired by Aston Martin’s 1959 Le Mans winning DBR1 seat covers provide a wonderful contrast to the high-tech carbon fiber weave used to form the Valour’s lightweight performance seat shell, bespoke door cards, air vent fascia. , upper center console and transmission tunnel.

Further personalization comes in the form of flexible livery customization methods. Separating the Valor’s body into four areas – front, hood, sides and back – clients can choose from a wide range of hand-painted lines and graphic designs, which can be applied in one of 21 paint colors.

If a customer wants to go beyond the standard palette of Valor options then they can use Q by Aston Martin’s services to build a truly bespoke specification. Examples include a one-off livery design, fully exposed 2×2 twill carbon fiber bodywork with your choice of red, blue, or green, painted wheels, Mokume carbon fiber interior details, or Johnsons of Tweed Elgin options and cashmere fabrics for seats and headlining. .

Miles Nurnberger, Aston Martin Design Director, said: “At Aston Martin, our designs are always progressive, but when it comes to celebrating an important milestone – in this case our 110th birthday – we allow ourselves a bit of flexibility. As a result, Valor was very apologetic; the old-school brute refined and reimagined through the lens of 2023. A return to chiselled forms, moving away from the more sculptural forms that define Aston Martin’s current series production, with bold details and modern materials is rooted in the present. We want to make sure its appearance reflects the driving experience. The raw physics of its form should tell you all you need to know about the ferocious performance and analog thrill of taming a 715PS manual transmission sports car, but its use of the latest technology clearly demonstrates a car with modern demeanor and outstanding dynamic capabilities. ”

Production of the Valor will commence at Aston Martin Gaydon Headquarters in Q3 2023, with first deliveries slated to begin in Q4 2023. , the Valor is a prized collector’s piece worth pushing for.

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