An ominous sign for Trump as the judge wants to discuss trial times and requests for an adjournment tomorrow

Judge Aileen Cannon told both sides in the classified Trump documents case to be ready to discuss issues of classification, trial dates and Trump’s request for an adjournment tomorrow.

Glenn Thrush of The New York Times tweeted:

Tuesday’s hearing was supposed to include protocol for sensitive documents: But Judge Cannon just issued a paperless order telling attorneys to “stand by to discuss” the biggest looming question — the timing of the trial, and Trump’s request for an indefinite delay.

— Glenn Thrush (@GlennThrush) July 17, 2023

If Cannon is inclined to grant Trump’s request for an indefinite delay, he won’t be moving talk of his request back on schedule. The point of Trump’s delay is to present a motion that will require a separate hearing, which will lead to more delays in the case. If Trump’s lawyers can stall the trial long enough, they may make it through Election Day 2024 without the case going to trial.

Any judge who wants to rush any Donald Trump case is not helping the former president.

If Aileen Cannon acts as before in the classified documents case, Trump will have a cheerleader for the judge in her case. Cannon also runs the risk of being reprimanded again on appeal.

Taking this case to court quickly will become a big deal for Trump and the Republican Party. Imagine every Republican candidate running for prominent office being asked time and time again about Trump and his legal problems.

Imagine the endless wave of Democratic ads that would air making Trump’s potential criminality an issue that would tarnish every Republican in the campaign.

There’s no telling what Judge Cannon will do, but if he tends to move quickly, it will be a big problem for Donald Trump.

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