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The old saying has lost its meaning: “Like money in the bank” used to mean safety and security, something you can count on to be there when you need it. As we’ve learned since the bank failure in March, that wasn’t always the case. On top of that, central banks are pushing their digital currency as hard as governments have pushed the COVID hit for two years.

Through it all, one thing became clear: the Biden-Harris regime really does not want Americans to buy precious metals.

But many Americans are waking up.

Holdings of the precious metal have soared over the last two years thanks in large part to what the regime is doing to the economy. The risks of impending Central Bank Digital Currency, global de-dollarization, and consolidation of America’s banking system are just a few of the reasons Americans cite for keeping precious metals in their safes or supporting their retirement accounts.

Ira Bershatsky, managing member Metal Advisor, have been actively and aggressively opposing CBDC and the COVID “vaccine” since they reared their ugly head. He believes in America and believes it makes sense right now for Americans to move some of their wealth and retirement funds out of the banks, out of the stock market, and into physical precious metals. Especially by buying gold bars in the form of rounds and bars.

“My goal is to help Americans get the most out of their precious metal purchases,” he said. “That meant staying away from numismatics and focusing on getting bars and rounds of various sizes to suit the needs of the customer.”

Bershatsky’s practice has evolved over a 43 year career in the financial industry. He launched Metal Advisor as a way to add value to customer portfolios with bullion.

In short, here’s why many conservatives now work with him:

The rise of the BRICS countries trying to subvert the dollar means that money in the bank may not be as valuable tomorrow as it was yesterday. Woke’s ESG Fund is starting to dominate managed investment portfolios because financial advisors have been incentivized by the Biden-Harris regime to direct your money into them. Central Bank Digital Currencies are fast approaching, and it’s suspicious that the central bank itself has been quietly buying up as much physical gold and silver as it can over the past year. The small banks are in danger of being eaten up by the big banks. Big banks are beholden to their globalist masterminds, not their customers or even their investors. They are leading the charge to advance the Biden-Harris agenda. If and when the US Dollar drops or even collapses, the “solution” will be more government control, massive regulation of cryptocurrencies, and finally a push for a one world currency.

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Meanwhile, gold and silver have maintained their value since the dawn of mankind — and many have shifted wealth back to the precious metals.

It’s not about being prepared to barter in an alternative economy, although owning a few fractional silver and gold coins might make sense for that. It’s about protecting wealth in a form that can weather the coming storms. If financial mudslides hit the fan, the money in the bank or in the stock market may not be as safe as you think. Physical precious metals are often seen as a safe haven for difficult times.

Plus, even if things turned around and society turned away from the various destructive paths we find walking, gold and silver could still be exchanged. If things get better, having physical gold and silver makes sense. If things get worse, having physical gold and silver makes more sense.

Metal Advisor helps people whether they want to put $2,500 or $2,500,000 into precious metals. Contact him today and arrange a phone call to discuss the best way to proceed with your purchase of gold and silver bullion.

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