American Stand-Up Comedian Dave Smith Bravely Defies Social Stigma, Raising Questions on “Suspicious Deaths Around the Clintons” (VIDEO) | Gatekeeper

Dave Smith (Source: PBD Podcast/Youtube)

American stand-up comedian and political commentator Dave Smith, known for his direct, no-holds-barred commentary style, tackles the often taboo subject of the premature deaths of many people closely associated with Bill and Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday, Iranian-American business personality Patrick Bet-David hosted the 288th episode of the PBD Podcast. The round table included a guest line-up: comedian and political commentator Dave Smith, businessman Adam Sosnick, former professional athlete Ricky Aguilar and financial coach Matt Sapaula.

The discussion was varied and in-depth, but Dave Smith’s controversial statement about the “suspicious deaths around the Clintons,” also known as the “Clinton body count,” really grabbed the headlines.

Smith, a libertarian, questioned the isolation experienced by those who inquired about the many people closely associated with the Clintons who had died under uncertain circumstances.

“A ridiculous number of people, very close to the Clintons, have died. And, like, what? You just aren’t allowed to bring it up? said Smith.

He did not imply the Clintons were ‘responsible’ for these deaths but underlined the need for an open conversation on the topic.

“You don’t say the Clintons have killed these people. You go, ‘Hey, what’s with this?’ And like, moral, like looking down on you, as if this was an outrageous transgression.

“We are not even allowed to think about the possibility that maybe politicians have killed people? Like, now, who’s that naive? Smith added.

Smith further illustrates his point by drawing an analogy with actions taken during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

“These people, Clintons, these are people we all know have killed a lot of people. We just call it foreign policy.”

“We just mentioned that when they decided we were going to do a bombing campaign in Iraq, as Bill Clinton did during both of his terms, have a massive blockade around Iraq where the UN estimates 500,000 children starved to death,” said Smith.

Smith quipped that if someone could be held accountable for such policies, it would not be too far-fetched to believe they might as well condone individual killings.

Smith urged listeners to investigate the suspicious deaths surrounding the Clinton family, warning against getting too conspiratorial but insisting that questioning these cases is entirely fair.

Through Head Nerds:

Smith also spoke about former congressman Anthony Weiner’s meltdown during his recent appearance on the PBD podcast, where he was confronted by Patrick Bet-David with a list of dead people previously attributed to the Clintons.

You can watch the entire podcast below:

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