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A new center for Chicago migrants is opening at the American Islamic College in Buena Park, said Alderwoman city councilor Angela Clay

By ABC7 Chicago Digital Team

Saturday, July 22 2023 03.27

Opening of a new migrant center at a former North Side college: officials

CHICAGO (WLS) — Chicago Alderperson Angela Clay hosted a community meeting Friday night to discuss temporary shelter for migrants coming to the 46th Ward.

It will be located on Irving Park and Marine Drive, the former site of the American Islamic College.

Clay said the decision was made to get the migrants there because of the quote “we have to move on.”

The assistant principal of Brennemann Elementary School seems eager to do just that.

“We are very happy to have these students become part of our community,” he said.

So far, more than 11,000 migrants have come to Chicago. A bus arrived from Texas Friday morning.

“How do we help bring these people here, and then get them used to the environmental community?” a meeting attendee asked.

Currently, more than 5,400 migrants are in shelters, and 958 are in police stations.

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