12 MLB teams scored in double figures for the first time since 1894

July 19, 2023, 1:40 a.m. ET

NEW YORK — Major League Baseball had a night of offense not seen in 129 years, with 12 teams scoring double-digit numbers.

The 12 teams drew on May 30, 1884, for the second most in a single day, trailing only 13 on July 4, 1894, according to Elias Sports Bureau research.

The Chicago Cubs topped the scoring on Tuesday night by beating the Washington Nationals 17-3, and Arizona beat Atlanta 16-13.

The three games went 11-10, with San Francisco beating Cincinnati, the New York Mets topping the Chicago White Sox, and Kansas City beating Detroit.

In a more mundane 10-3 loss, the Los Angeles Dodgers beat the Baltimore Orioles, and Minnesota beat Seattle.

Most Teams With 10 Runs in a Day (MLB History)

4 July 18941318 July 20231230 May 188412Sep. 1, 189011July 4, 188411– ESPN Stats & Information

Cleveland topped Pittsburgh 10-1.

San Diego fell short, stranded as the runners-up in second in the ninth inning of a 9-1 win in Toronto.

Every team in the AL Central scored 10 or more runs on Tuesday. It was only the second day in the Divisional Era (since 1969) where every team in a division scored double-digit figures on the same day. Another example is September 15, 2000, when AL West did.

There are 15 games Tuesday – the completion of the suspended Giants-Reds game counts as Monday in the records.

There were 24 games on May 30, 1884, a year in which there were three major leagues: the National League, the American Association, and the Union Association. Ned Williamson of the Chicago White Sox hit the first three-homer game in major league history.

Although there were only 12 NL teams on July 4, 1984, each team played a doubleheader on the Fourth of July.

Statistics & Information ESPN and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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